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Located in North Pomfret, Vermont,

The 160 acre Starbuck Farm sits about 9 miles west of Hanover, New Hampshire (home of Dartmouth College). The heavily wooded area sprawls over steep ridges and verdant valleys, and is less than a mile’s trek from the Appalachian Trail.

Google earth image of the Starbuck Farm property


Starbuck Farm was established in 1811. It encompasses the majority of a valley which forms the upper watershed of a tributary of Mill Creek and the White River. As with most farms in the area, it evolved from subsistence farming to sheep during the Napoleonic wars and then to a small dairy in the early 1900s. The majority of the property was originally clear cut for pasture, but secondary forests have been growing back since the early 1900’s. The outlines of the old pastures are still defined by iconic field stone walls throughout the woods (see left).

The property was last actively farmed twenty years ago, since that time, the forests have crept back and today, approximately 80% of the property is mixed hardwood, pine and maples, known as “sugar bush”. As documented in the following video, the former owners practiced old style maple syrup collection on several hundred trees using buckets, horse drawn tanks and a wood fired arch.