100% Pure Organic & Kosher Vermont Maple Syrup

Pure. Organic. Delicious. Sustainable.

We collect our sap in February & March using only gravity with no pumps or chemicals. Guided by our forester, our taps are thoughtfully placed to ensure health of the trees and the ecosystem which includes forests, pastures and wetlands. We think that our north facing, steep sided, high valley provides a uniquely delicious syrup.

Golden Delicate Organic Maple Syrup

Amber Rich Organic Maple Syrup

Dark Robust Organic Maple Syrup


Tradition and Sustainability

Starbuck farm (est. 1811) is a high valley in North Pomfret, VT.  We have 14 ecosystems carefully managed under a State approved forestry plan. Our maple trees (“sugar bush”) are interspersed amongst these ecosystems.  We have installed miles of collection lines to minimize disturbance. We do not use any pumps or vacuum. Our collection lines follow the terrain and drain to a central collection tank for processing.  Although we have thousands of maple trees, we only tap a fraction (currently 1,157 taps). We inspect every tree at least twice a year.

Starbuck Farm Property<br />

Starbuck Farm

Starbuck Farm (est 1811) is a 180-acre farm in North Pomfret, VT less than one mile from the Appalachian Trail. The farm is situated in a small valley, with pastures, meadows, ponds, wetlands and ringed by “sugar bush” forest on all sides. As with most farms in the area, it evolved from subsistence farming to sheep during the Napoleonic wars and then to a small dairy in the early 1900s. The majority of the property was originally clear cut for pasture, but secondary forests have been growing back since the early 1900’s. The outlines of the old pastures are still defined by iconic stone walls


How Is Our Organic Maple Syrup Different?

Sap production

Our climate: High and Late

Sap production occurs when temperatures are above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. Our north facing, steep sided high valley is home to one of the highest producing sugar bushes in the region.

Sap production

Our collection system: No Vacuum

We generally only tap trees that are at least 10” diameter. Each tap feeds into a gravity drained collection system that feeds downhill to a single collection tank.

Sap production

Habitat restoration

Our team includes experts in forestry, ecosystem restoration and watershed management.  

Sap production

Organic & Kosher

Our organic syrup is certified USDA Organic and is also certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

100% Pure Organic & Kosher Maple Syrup from Vermont

Starbuck Farm Vermont maple syrup is 100% pure, Organic & Kosher with no additives. Our sap is gravity collected using no vacuum and processed fresh daily.


Our Family

The Dorrance Family

Our neighbors have kindly taught and encouraged us in our efforts. Tammy runs the back office and scheduling. Dave is a hydrologist with deep expertise in sustainable farming and watershed management. Emily is a biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and leads our habitat conservation efforts. Thomas performs financial analysis and customer outreach.
Starbuck Farm Property<br />