About Starbuck Farm

Starbuck Farm (est 1811) is a 180-acre farm in North Pomfret, VT less than one mile from the Appalachian Trail. The farm is situated in a small valley, with pastures, meadows, ponds, wetlands and ringed by “sugar bush” forest on all sides. As with most farms in the area, it evolved from subsistence farming to sheep during the Napoleonic wars and then to a small dairy in the early 1900s. The majority of the property was originally clear cut for pasture, but secondary forests have been growing back since the early 1900’s. The outlines of the old pastures are still defined by iconic stone walls

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The property was last actively farmed twenty years ago, since that time, the forests have crept back. Today approximately 80% of the property is mixed hardwood, pine and maples, known as “sugar bush”. As documented in the following video, the former owners practiced old style maple syrup collection using buckets, horse drawn tanks and a wood fired arch.

Starbuck Farm is enrolled in the Vermont Current Use Program for sustainable management. The farm has an approved forestry plan which includes modern collection pipelines which deliver to a central tank.  This approach reduces vehicle traffic and carbon footprint.  Our sugar bushes are interspersed within 14 distinct ecosystems which include a wide variety of sensitive and endangered species. We are actively removing invasive plants, propagating endangered plants, introducing pollinators, and rehabilitating trail systems to promote watershed health.

We share this special place with a healthy population of bears, deer, foxes, coyotes, mink, fishers, turkeys, porcupines, groundhogs, woodchucks, muskrats, skunk, moose, opossum, raccoons, newts, salamanders, frogs, turtles, chipmunks, rabbits, bats, numerous bird species and trout.

Our Team

It Takes a Village

Our operation provides important winter employment for this rural area.

Our forester: Markus Bradley, Redstart Consulting

Markus received an associate’s degree from Paul Smith’s College in 1995 and a Bachelor’s in Forest Management from the University of Vermont in 1997.  He inspects, advises and plans all aspects of our State approved forestry plan – with a significant focus on control of invasive plants and increasing stand diversity. Markus enjoys hunting & fishing, and is an American chestnut enthusiast. He lives in Vershire, VT with his wife, Laura

Our Operations Manager: Todd Holmes, Valley Turf Services

Todd’s family have farmed this area for many generations, including a neighboring maple syrup operation. His team has known this farm their entire lives.

Our Processor: The Nott Family, Choice Maple

Raymond and his family are the 4th generation to produce maple syrup from their nearby 150 acre farm. The Nott family is uncompromising in their dedication to the quality of the syrup they process and health of the trees. We share the same certifications. Our sap is delivered daily to their state-of-the-art facility in nearby Hartford, VT.

Our Family: The Dorrance Family

Our neighbors have kindly taught and encouraged us in our efforts. Tammy runs the back office and scheduling. Dave is a hydrologist with deep expertise in sustainable farming and watershed management. Emily is a biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and leads our habitat conservation efforts. Thomas performs financial analysis and customer outreach.

100% Pure Organic & Kosher Maple Syrup from Vermont

Starbuck Farm Vermont maple syrup is 100% pure, Organic & Kosher with no additives. Our sap is gravity collected using no vacuum and processed fresh daily.