How we are different

Our climate: High and Late

Sap production occurs when temperatures are above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. Our north facing, steep sided high valley is home to one of the highest producing sugar bushes in the region.  This combination of slope, elevation and aspect cause our sap to flow a bit later and longer than lower elevations. We believe this causes our trees to have a longer run of the treasured Golden-Delicate sap.

Perfect Climate for Maple Syrup
No vacuum collection

Our collection system: No Vacuum

We generally only tap trees that are at least 10” diameter. Each tap feeds into a gravity drained collection system that feeds downhill to a single collection tank.  Unlike most commercial producers, Starbuck Farm does not use vacuum pumps to increase sap production.  We believe the over-use of vacuum pumps can damage the trees and the ecosystem they support. Therefore, we only collect the natural flow of sap that occurs in the 2-3 weeks before trees begin to leaf out.  Our production is lower, but more sustainable.

Habitat restoration

Our team includes experts in forestry, ecosystem restoration and watershed management.  We are removing invasive species, propagating endangered species, introducing pollinators, and regrading trail systems and drainages to promote watershed health.   We do not use any herbicides or pesticides.

Habitat Restoration
USDA Organic and Kosher Logos

Organic & Kosher

We are USDA certified organic and Orthodox Union certified Kosher.

100% Pure Organic & Kosher Maple Syrup from Vermont

Starbuck Farm Vermont maple syrup is 100% pure, Organic & Kosher with no additives. Our sap is gravity collected using no vacuum and processed fresh daily.